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Wake of Ashes


Spell Details

Duration 5 seconds
School Holy, Fire
Mechanic n/a
Dispel type n/a
GCD category Normal
Cost None
Range 0 yards (Self)
Cast time Instant
Cooldown 45 seconds
GCD 1.5 seconds
Effect #1School Damage (Holy, Fire) ({term('apmod_colon')}3.15)
Radius: 12 yards
Effect #2Apply Aura: Decrease Run Speed %
Value: -50%
Mechanic: Snared
Radius: 12 yards
Effect #3Give Power (Holy Power)
Value: 3
Effect #4Apply Aura: Mod All Damage Done % by Caster
Radius: 12 yards

Affected Spells:
Judgment Shield of the Righteous Crusader Strike
Hammer of Wrath Execution Sentence Eye for an Eye
Justicar's Vengeance Final Reckoning Blade of Justice
Hammer of the Righteous Divine Storm Wake of Ashes
Judgment Judgment Avenger's Shield
Expurgation Radiant Incandescence Glimmer of Light
Vanquisher's Hammer
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