Quick Facts

Lunar Preservation

Perform the Rite of the Moon at the moonwells scattered around the world. You can find them in Ashenvale, Felwood, Feralas, Moonglade, Stonetalon Mountains, Duskwood, and Mount Hyjal. If you let the Blessing of the Moon expire, you will have to start over.
Staff of Moonflowers charged
Moonwell of Purity blessing received
Moonwell of Cleansing blessing received
Felwood moonwell blessing received
Feralas moonwell blessing received
Moonglade moonwell blessing received
Stonetalon moonwell blessing received
Duskwood moonwell blessing received
Mount Hyjal moonwell blessing received
Provided item:
Staff of Moonflowers


My staff has served me well for many years. It has stood by my side, been through many trials... and as I grow older I find myself leaning on it more and more. Its flowers bloom every Lunar Festival, basking in the Elune's might. They bring me so much joy, I wish for them to stay all year long. I know a way... but my bones are too old to make the trip. Perhaps you would take the journey for me? Empower my staff in the light of the moon at the moonwells around the world. Then my flowers can stay.



You will receive:
Coin of Ancestry Blessed Staff of Moonflowers


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: