Quick Facts

The Fracture Chambers

There is no map available for this zone.

Scenario: Recovering Tyrande Whisperwind

  • Stage 1 – Find Tyrande Whisperwind
    Search Torghast for Tyrande Whisperind
  • Stage 2 – Fend off Maw Warriors
    Aid Tyrande in defeating Maw Assassins
  • Stage 3 – Keep up with Tyrande Whisperwind
    Tyrande is not stopping. Try to keep up with her.
  • Stage 4 – Defeat Maw Ambushers
    Tyrande charged ahead. Deal with the incoming Maw minions!
  • Stage 5 – Catch up with Tyrande
    Tyrande is up ahead, try to catch up with her!
  • Stage 6 – Follow the new path to Tyrande
    Tyrande has pushed forward. Find another way to catch up with her.
  • Stage 7 – Defeat Skuld
    Skuld stands in your way!
  • Stage 8 – Catch up with Tyrande
    Tyrande must be up ahead. Find her!
  • Stage 9 – Defeat the Tortured Amalgamation
    The Maw has created an amalgam of tortured night elf souls. Help Tyrande fight them off.
  • Stage 10 – Tyrande Whisperwind's Refusal
    The battle is won, but what of Tyrande?
  • Stage 11 – Salvation of the Night Elves
    Tyrande is gone, but you can still save the group of night elves trapped in the Maw.
  • Final Stage – The Kaldorei Rescued
    It is time to return to Ardenweald with the rescued night elves in the Soulkeeper.