Quick Facts

Castle Nathria


  • Shriekwing – Tasked with guarding the great hall of Sire Denathrius, the blind Shriekwing locates her victims with sound and smell. The last sound heard by trespassers in The Grand Walk is the monster's shriek as she descends on her prey.
  • Huntsman Altimor – Sire Denathrius seldom engages in the hunts himself, but Altimor makes certain the master has the finest beasts should he ever choose to indulge. Margore, Barghast, and Hecutis has been trained longer than most beasts have existed, and each is ready to deliver the Huntsman's wrath to any in his domain.
  • Sun King's Salvation – Among the more sinister crimes of Castle Nathria, souls are being tortured not to redeem their sins, but to amplify them. The prideful Prince Kael'thas has been burdened with the sins of others, and his pain and hatred are channeled to make him a powerful weapon. This has imperiled his soul like no other and it must be saved if only to keep it from being used against the Shadowlands.
  • Artificer Xy'mox – Not everyone in Castle Nathria is loyal to Sire Denathrius. Some simply saw an opportunity and exploited it to their own ends. Artificer Xy'mox has worked with Denathrius but is mostly concerned with getting the better end of the deal, which may require the end of Nathria's invaders.
  • Hungering Destroyer – The devourers are drawn to consume anima wherever they can find it. With the drought decimating the Shadowlands it is no surprise that the hungriest, and most dangerous of the devourers would find the largest store of anima, in the depths of Castle Nathria.
  • Lady Inerva Darkvein – Anima fuels the Shadowlands, and Lady Inerva Darkvein seeks to unlock its mysteries. Under Denathrius's guidance she has learned dangerous secrets to turn against any of his enemies. She will strip anima from any of Nathria's invaders and use it to shape a dark new future.
  • The Council of Blood – The Council of Blood preside over courtly functions in Revendreth. Castellan Niklaus is a strict military commander, with an invincible will and impenetrable armor. Lord Stavros, a foppish dandy, leads the court in dance, but is also deadly with his blades. Baroness Frieda wields powerful Anima magics, and commands the Dredger wait staff... and the respect of the entire court.
  • Sludgefist – Sludgefist was born in the muddy foundation beneath Castle Nathria and now wanders the halls as he awaits orders from Sire Denathrius. His massive footsteps reverberate throughout the castle, announcing his arrival from several rooms away.
  • Stone Legion Generals – The ancient Stoneborn generals, Kaal and Grashaal, have hounded the Prince Renathal's rebellion at every turn. Once they were General Draven's apprentice and mentor, now their strength, strategy and soldiers have been unleashed against him and any who would defy the Sire's will.
  • Sire Denathrius – Behind the scenes, Sire Denathrius has long been preparing the ultimate betrayal against the Shadowlands. He has been hording anima to feed the might of the Jailor, and only needs a bit of time to bring his plans to fruition. With his bloodthirsty living-blade Remornia, and the most loyal of his admirers, he will shred any who stand against him and cast their remains into the terror of the Maw.